Unmanned Aerial Drones

New technologies used to help protect our local waterways


Chesapeake Conservation Drone Users Group

The Chesapeake Conservation Drone Users Group is a moderated open forum to ask questions and interact with people interested in all facets of the use of remote controlled aircraft in conservation efforts in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. From equipment reviews to tips and tricks, research results, and laws and certification requirements, you can find answers to your questions and share your experience with interested individuals. Everyone is welcome, from beginners wondering where to start to seasoned experts looking to expand the industry.

The forum moderator is Alex Dulude, who posts with the username “WingsOverWater”. Alex has over a decade of experience flying remote controlled aircraft in all shapes and sizes, from 6 inch to 120 foot wingspans. He is also an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Airline Transport Pilot, and Small Unmanned Aerial System Commercial Pilot.