Shoreline Stewardship

The Back Creek Conservancy, in partnership with the City of Annapolis, announces the Annapolis Shoreline Stewardship Pilot Project.

The Back Creek Conservancy is a proud BGE 2016 Green Grant Award winner.




The Back Creek Conservancy and the City of Annapolis are launching a pilot project to promote Shoreline Stewardship in the City. Legal counsel obtained through the Chesapeake Legal Alliance will assist in preparing guidance on buffer zone stewardship, for the owners of the 490 parcels of land in the city along the Severn River and extending 100 feet inland. This is the Buffer Zone within the 1000’ Critical Area.This initiative will measure its effectiveness by tracking the issue, inspection and completion of permits for changes in the Buffer Zone. Lessons learned will be disseminated throughout the Chesapeake Bay.


Annapolis Shoreline Stewardship Pilot Project Map

Letter from the Mayor of Annapolis

Back Creek Watershed Property Parcels