Five Ways You Can Help Back Creek Today

Five Ways You Can Help Back Creek Conservancy Now (even if you’re busy)

We’re hosting our first big fundraiser, the Feet for the Creek Walkathon on Sunday, May 21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

It’s a 6K walk around the creek (shorter route for kids) from Annapolis Sailing School to Davis’s Park, across from the Pub, where you will catch a boat back to the start, where there will be a food truck and live music.

Here are five ways you could help us to register 100 more walkers:

  1. If you are on social media, please share this link and encourage people to participate: LINK TO SHARE.
  2. If you’re free to join us next week, please sign up today for $25! SIGN UP HERE… and then tell 10 friends about it.
  3. If you’d like to volunteer, super! We still need 12 volunteers. VOLUNTEER SIGN UP HERE.
  4. If you can’t make it but would like to donate a little something, why not register anyway? It’s a $25 donation that would make a difference in our water quality monitoring and shoreline stewardship programs this summer. REGISTER
  5. If you’d like to give more, wow! We would be deeply appreciative. Here’s the SPONSORSHIP page.… You may also donate by clicking on the yellow “donate” button on the bottom right of any page of our website.

Questions? Email

Find all the details for Feet for the Creek on this page.

Sunday Afternoon Kind of Music on Back Creek

When we were looking for musicians for the Back Creek Conservancy’s Feet for the Creek Walkathon on May 21, we envisioned some happy kind of Sunday afternoon on the creek music that would work for both adults and kids… and we found just the right Annapolis band: Guava Jelly.

So when you’re done doing the 6K walk around the creek—or the shorter version for families with small children—you can come back to the starting point at Annapolis Sailing School, check out the food truck, enjoy a beverage, and relax to happy music with an island vibe. Below, find a promo video to give you a taste of the band’s style.

For registration and more information on the Walkathon, click here. For more about Guava Jelly, click here.

Dive and Rescue Team Do Sonar Scan of Creek Bottom

On Sunday, 5 March the Anne Arundel County Fire Department’s Dive and Rescue Team, in partnership with the Back Creek Conservancy (BCC), conducted a sonar scan of the bottom of Back Creek to locate whatever might be down there.

The dive team, led by Captain David Chen, towed an advanced sonar device that looks like a rocket, about 4 feet long, that creates 3D images. The data are still being analyzed, but the good news is that there are no major hazards on the bottom of the creek. Several crab pots, something that might be a refrigerator, and two small boats were spotted.

After the imagery is refined, the next step will be to decide what to raise and remove. Thank you AAFD!

Another Successful Friendraiser

Thank you to the 50 friends who came out to the Seafarers Yacht Club last night for our second annual February Friendraiser happy hour. We raised a glass or two, compliments of Eastport Liquors, and talked Eastport stuff. Board members Molly Winans, David Barker, and Lorie Stout discussed what we achieved in 2016 and volunteer and sponsorship opportunities for 2017.

For all who are interested in helping BCC this spring, please save the date–Sunday, May 21–for our first big fundraiser, the Feet for the Creek Walkathon, a 6K walk around Back Creek followed by live music and food. We need volunteers, sponsors, and walkers. We will send out details as they emerge. In the meantime, if you’d like to volunteer, email

Thank you to the Seafarers Yacht Club for the hospitality, Eastport Liquors for the beverages, and Kenneth Tom for the great photos! Speak for the CREEK!



Finding the Mattie F. Dean in Back Creek



The Back Creek Conservancy, in partnership with the Ocean Research Project, is launching the Schooner Mattie F. Dean Expedition to locate and if possible to identify wooden sailing vessels abandoned in Back Creek, Annapolis, at the end of the sailing era, between 1933, when the Hurricane blew open the mouth of Back Creek, to the early 1970s, when the boat shows began. The number, location, and the extent of the remains of these vessels is unknown.


Where on Back Creek Do We Do Water Quality Monitoring?

Back Creek water samplingAs the Back Creek Conservancy becomes more well-known in the community, we have been fielding questions about our water quality monitoring and where exactly we’re testing.

Yesterday, our board president David Barker and interns made a technological breakthrough to help show the public where we’re working. Check out this interactive story map and click on the eight sampling sites. More to come about results later…