Back Creek Conservancy Welcomes Chesapeake Legal Alliance Volunteer

The Back Creek Conservancy would like to welcome Chesapeake Legal Alliance‘s (CLA) volunteer attorney Ross Phillips of the Phillips Law Firm (Easton, MD). He recently agreed to serve as an ongoing legal advisor to the Conservancy’s board of directors. Ross will provide key guidance and support as the organization develops and implements its advocacy strategy.

chesapeake legal allianceCLA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to using the law to improve the quality of the Chesapeake Bay. CLA coordinates a network of lawyers who volunteer their time and professional skills to representing environmental organizations, citizens’ groups, and individuals in their efforts to improve the health of the Chesapeake and its watershed. Too often, the health of the Bay and the humans and animals that inhabit its watershed are subjugated to the agendas of interest groups represented by well-paid attorneys. CLA seeks to level the playing field by finding lawyers who will assist citizens and organizations, pro bono, in participating in government decision-making processes and enforcing underutilized laws and regulations designed to protect the Bay.

Find CLA’s latest newsletter here.

And thank you for your help with the Back Creek Conservancy, Ross!

Back Creek Conservancy Wins Watershed Assistance Grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust

An estimated 1500 recreational boats are stored or moored on Back Creek. Ninety-five percent of the creek is within Annapolis City limits.

The Back Creek Conservancy recently won a grant from the Watershed Assistance Program of the Chesapeake Bay Trust. Known as America’s Sailing Capital, Annapolis is the center of Maryland’s recreational boating scene. Polluted waterways cannot coexist with this vision of Annapolis.

“We’re really excited to receive this grant and want to express our gratitude to the Chesapeake Bay Trust,” says board president David Barker. “Everyone on the Back Creek Conservancy board is an active sailor or boater who lives within the watershed if not right on the creek. We’re dedicated to getting it back to a fishable, swimmable state for future generations.”

With this grant, the Back Creek Conservancy, in partnership with the Center for Watershed Protection in Ellicott City, MD, will develop a Watershed Action Plan for the Back Creek watershed that will (1) establish a baseline of watershed conditions from which future progress can be evaluated; (2) create a framework for identifying future restoration and protection actions; and (3) engage stakeholders, particularly marina and dock owners and homeowner and condominium associations, regarding water quality issues.

The watershed plan will provide sufficient detail on priority projects to reduce nutrient and sediment pollution and leverage future implementation funds. Land development in the Back Creek watershed has outpaced environmental protections to address issues such as stormwater run-off and the resultant water pollution.

The goal of the $95,000 project is widespread awareness and support for fundable projects in the Back Creek watershed that will halt the downward spiral of increasing pollution and begin the long process of improving the quality of the creek to make it clean and safe for its residents and greater community of boaters, maritime businesses, and other water-related activities.

Back Creek Conservancy is a new nonprofit organization made up of citizen volunteers. By 2025, the Conservancy envisions a fishable, swimmable Back Creek supported by a citizen-led nonprofit group that speaks for the Creek and conducts projects to improve and maintain its health.

Click here for a short video about the Conservancy.

For more information, contact Molly Winans,

Beautiful Back Creek Photos

Who loves Back Creek? We do! We’ve asked for friends to share their photos showing their perspective of the creek we hold so dear, and here are a bunch of them. If you have a photo of Annapolis’s Back Creek in any season, share it to our Facebook page anytime!


Welcome to the new Back Creek Conservancy website!

Photo: Back Creek paddle board. Credit: L. BorreWe’re making progress on establishing the Back Creek Conservancy as a nonprofit organization, including the addition of this new website, which is currently being maintained by volunteers.

Please consider joining with us to Speak for the Creek! We’re looking for volunteers interested in helping to protect and restore Back Creek in Annapolis, Maryland. Please explore this website or Contact Us to find out more about how you can get involved.

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