Anyone interested in picking up trash by volunteering for Project Clean Stream 2017 on April 1 from 9 a.m. to noon may register here.

Following is information about the day of cleanup
1 – Please arrive at the Ellen Moyer Nature Park at 9AM – 7314 Edgewood Road in the upper parking lot to sign-in.
2 – Please bring gloves. We have a few pairs to share but you will probably want your personal gloves.
3 – We will provide trash bags for you to use
4 – At sign-up folks will be assigned to a zone
5 – Scour your zone for rubbish.
6- The private properties listed on the map have agreed that 3 volunteers can enter their property and pick up trash. Please adhere to the 3 person rule. The public properties can have as many eople as necessary.
7 – DO NOT GO ON THE DOCKS! The water is cold and we don’t want folks falling in.
8 – At the end we want to weigh the amount of trash picked up. We will be coming around with a truck to retrieve your bags of trash. Please call the contacts below to schedule a pickup when the bags are full.
9 – When your area is clean, we thank you for your help. If you want to participate in a picture with the pile of trash, come back to the park when done. Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your Saturday.
10 – If you need community service documentation, please indicate at registration and we will email the documentation to you.

Here’s the registration link again.

Contact information:

Lorie Stout – 410-703-8248
David Barker – 410-443-8270 – driver of pickup truck
Molly Winans – 410-991-7703

1 – Ellen Moyer Nature Park – Port Annapolis Marina (reserved for parents with young kids)
2 – Annapolis Sailing School – streets to Port Annapolis Marina
3 – Mears Marina (push button for entry) – 6th, 5th and 4th street to Chesapeake Ave
4 – Slaughter Marina and neighboring marinas – 6th St, Burnside, State to Chesapeake Ave
5 – Jabins Yacht Yard – Edgewood Road – Gemini – Annapolis Maritime Center
6 – Eastport Yacht Center, Muller Marine, Chester Marina – 2nd, 3rd, 4th to Chesapeake Ave
7 – Horn Point Marina, Eastern Ave, 1st St, 2nd St to Chesapeake Ave.
8 – Eastport Shopping Center, Post Office and park behind Post Office
9 – Georgetown East Elem and woods leading down to the creek
10 – Giant Parking Center, Bank of America, Strip Mall with Jerry’s
11 – Green Acres home owners association
12 – SPCA Volunteers
** – Hot Spot of trash 36° 57’16”N 76° 29’25”W (zone 9)

Thank you to Enterprise Rental Car for the donation of a vehicle for trash pickup!!!